The innovative character of the Mechatronics 4.0 workflow methodology facilitating work-based pedagogy.

The innovative, investigative mechatronics manufacturing VET based production pedagogy for flexible and customized automated manufacturing delivery from a SME to serve individual learning and assessment plans, supported by work-based training to the new smart SME based manufacturing industry in European countries. It transfers the information in construction drawings into manufactured products, by applying an investigative work-based learning methodology following the manufacturing process, supported by appropriate learning technologies, digital subject content and ‘scenario based’ learning. It involves the following phases:

  1. Preparation: How shall we prepare the data input for the products?

  2. Risk management: What will be the consequences missing data integrity ?

  3. Identification of the risks: What are the risks associated with these SME based manufacturing processes?

  4. How to check? Identify how the components must be inspected during the various SME manufacturing processes.

  5. Where to check? How to inspect, report and create non-conformities during the process.

  6. Reporting: Produce inspection report during the SME manufacturing processes.

  7. Inspection of components after the manufacturing processes.

  8. Final inspection of the product. Document the results. Closure of gaps and non-conformities

  9. Delivery: Product is delivered by a SME to the next production stage

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