Personalized Learning

Is "personalized learning" a method for replacing teachers with digital devices and data-mining software?

Leading researchers say their work does not support the most enthusiastic claims being made by personalized-learning supporters.​ ​Education experts are raising questions about implications for teaching and learning. ​

In general, personalized-learning models seek to adapt the pace of learning and the instructional strategies being used to best fit each individual child's strengths, weaknesses, and interests. In the digital age, realizing these goals is often seen as dependent on technology—to help measure in real-time what each student knows; to develop "learner profiles"; and to help match each child with customized learning experiences and "playlists."​

In practice, though, "personalized learning" is used to describe everything from supplemental software programs to whole-school redesigns.​

Here you may read (from Education Week, June 10th 2018) about three main critiques leveled against personalized learning.